Disruptive innovation:
Creating a market where you are the standard to follow

Through disruptive innovations, you can overcome your competitors
with little investment and minimized risks.You will be seen as an example to follow by your partners, competitors and customers.
Farwind Consulting, specialist in disruptive innovations,
will guide you with tried and tested models and an experienced team.
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Find new growth drivers

Explore new, untapped sources for development
Make the most of the latent needs in your market.
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Create a sustainable competitive advantage

Anticipate market trends and keep one step ahead:
Seize key innovation opportunities before your competitors,
using the weak signals method.
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Find a more efficient business model

Revolutionise both the offer and the cost structure of a business model that is difficultly reproducible. Offer new advantages to your customers in an innovative way.
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Develop and take over your market

Success comes to those who know how to expand from a starting niche to a vast market. With this approach
you will create a market where you are the benchmark.
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April the 23rd, 2013, panel & debate (in French)
Uncertainty, an opportunity for companies

November the 15th, 2012, panel & debate (in French)
Uncertainty, an opportunity for companies

July the 3rd, 2012, workshop
From weak signals to disruptive innovation