Disruptive innovation:
Creating a market where you are the standard to follow


Benoit Sarazin shares his expertise in disruptive innovations in conferences organized by the Farwind Club or in conferences tailored specifically to the needs of individual companies.
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Some examples…

Using real business case studies and, when appropriate, the complementary know-how of other experts, clients or partners, these conferences tackle various topics linked with disruptive innovations in an original, educational and lively way. These topics include:

Communities of enthusiasts, a new key to innovation success (7/12/2010) with Patrick Pons de Vier, director of Salomon’s “Footwear” business unit.

Learn to read weak signals in order to create a disruptive innovation (03/02/2011) with Philippe Cahen, weak signals specialist.

Innovating in an uncertain world (06/04/2011) with Olivier Soudieux, specialist of extreme expeditions.

Create a market where every customer sees you as the standard to follow (16/04/2011) Global Speakers Summit, Amsterdam. See video highlights.

How to read weak signals to create a disruptive innovation (22/06/2011) Lecture in French with Philippe Cahen, weak signals specialist.

Strategy, innovation and eco-conception
(06/12/2011) Lecture in French, CCIP Seine Saint Denis.

How to generate growth during a recession
(2012/02/29) Lecture in English, AGBC Munich, Germany.

Make an appointment with growth through disruptive innovation
(2012/03/22) Lecture in French, Paris, France.

From weak signals to disruptive innovation
(2012/07/03) Lecture in French, Paris, France.

Uncertainty, an opportunity for companies
(2012/11/15) and 2013/04/23) Event in French, Paris, France.

How to succeed innovations whose success seems improbable
(2013/05/16) Lecture in French at Mînes Paris Tech, Paris, France.

How to be Einstein and think like Da Vinci
To be the origin of disruptive innovation

(2013/06/03) CURIE Congress.

Speech at Executive Master Trajectoires Dirigeants - Sciences Po

Successful innovation in an uncertain world
(2013/10/22), Paris, France.

The obstacles to innovation
on the occasion of the Innovation Awards Ceremony
(2014/03/20) Bouygues Construction Privée

Cross Innovation, a key to success
(2014/06/05) Connec'sud

Collaborative innovation dynamics
Speech on the occasion of Anne Berthinier-Poncet's lecture,
(2016/03/24) CNAM, Paris

(2017/06/12) KCO Knowledge Community Observatory, Toulon, France

Les communautés d'innovation,
de la liberté créatrice à l'innovation organisée

Innovation communities : from creative freedom to organised innovation
(2017/06/15) Movin'On by Michelin, Montreal, Canada

Les communautés d'innovation,
de la liberté créatrice à l'innovation organisée

Innovation communities : from creative freedom to organised innovation
(2017/06/16) HEC Montréal, Montreal, Canada

In these conferences, Benoit Sarazin shows how teams can reinvent their market in order to create new growth drivers. He namely discusses the risk and investment aspects of this issue. He details how to get ahead of competitors in a lasting way. He motivates teams by showing them the way to success in disruptive innovations.

He holds his conferences both in French and English.

Benoit Sarazin is a member of the French Association of Professional Conference-speakers (l’Association Française des Conférenciers Professionnels.)


Conférence, 4 october 2018
Quimper-Cornouaille Technolopole, Quimper, France

Conference, 21 june & 19 july 2018
"Risks of disruption in the Accountancy Expertise Profession"
"The innovation communities' contributions to face disruption"
CEG's days at the Espace Athènes, Paris, France

Workshop, 28 may 2018
"Innovation communities"
Innovation Day 2018, at the Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci,
Paris La Défense, France


American German Business Club logoBy Larry Schulz, President of Munich Chapter, American German Business Club e.V.
"Benoit Sarazin of FarWind Consulting gave an inspiring speech on Disruptive Innovation at our February 29, 2012 monthly meeting of the Munich Chapter of the American German Business Club (AGBC).
Based on his extensive consulting experience on disruptive innovation, he showcased the three most important success factors for creating growth and acquire a long-term competitive advantage, he was able to energise everybody in the audience, from those of us that are self-employed to corporate executives. I highly recommend Benoit as a speaker who conveys his topic in a very clear, entertaining and motivational manner."